Legal Teleassistance for Latam – a new bridge to Justice

We are a for-profit company offering access to reliable and affordable legal services in LATAM, providing a new path to justice. Our mission is to reduce justice gap, helping people with lower economic and educational resources make the first steps to solve their legal issues.

The right to claim rights

+ de 300 million people in LATAM, have serious problems to exercise basic rights. With a network of thousands of reliable lawyers ready to answer, we make the most out of teleassistance to help them all save time and money.

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Inclusive, with no access barriers

We design modern, user-friendly technology with advanced features such as A.I. and geo localization, to connect people in need with registered lawyers to assist them. All you need is a smartphone and Whatsapp.

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+ 70k free advice in Latam

Since the end of 2018, we helped thousands of people in Argentina and Mexico get legal advice, many times for the first time in their lives. With 10.000 registered lawyers, we can provide proper recommendations for any legal topic.

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Let Leyla, our Watson IBM A.I. powered bot on Whatsapp do the work.

Leyla is the ideal interface and it is free to use. No special knowledge, apps or devices are required. Straight from any smartphone with Whatsapp, Leyla will help anyone looking for assistance connect with the best lawyer to start solving any legal issue.

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our AI WhatsApp Chatbot

With Leyla, clients can start solving their legal issues straight from their phones, on WhatsApp.  She works 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.

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Get the opportunity to meet new potential clients and help.

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Our Impact

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals target 16.3 for 2030 promises to “ensure equal access to justice for all”. However, the world is not on track to meet this target. During 2019, we helped almost 100.000 families in Latin America make their first steps towards justice. It didn’t matter who they were, where they lived or which capacities they had, because we dream of a Latin America where the 300 million people who cannot claim their rights today, will be able to claim them someday. In addition, 2 million lawyers can access more work, gain professional experience, and commit with their communities.
People and lawyers can meet easily.
Justice gap no longer exists.

Are You a Dedicated Lawyer?

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Every day you will meet thousands of people looking for professional advice in almost any legal topic. You will have the chance to provide assistance, guide them to solve their needs and meet new clients, while you build a solid online reputation.
Don’t wait any longer, join the 8.000 lawyers already working with us and start meeting new clients today.
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The Team

Norberto Nuñez

CEO & Founder

An intense entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience developing high impact social massive services in South America. In 2013 Norberto was awarded with Buenos Aires Innovation Tech Award

Mauro Romanello


Mauro is a multi-talented engineer with vast experience leading development teams to produce disruptive solutions. With strong focus on teleassistance, he led the tech team behind the most important Latam online therapy platform.

Nicolás Nuñez

Full Stack Engineer

Nicolás is a young tech professional with excellent skills and a strong social commitment. He has worked for leading global firms in different development and tech projects.


Content Manager

Delfina is responsible for LegalSí marketing area, form content development to digital advertising. Delfina is a tasteful young designer with passion for content, images and everything related to film making

LegalSí is a for-profit company, incorporated in BVI. We have been operational in Argentina since 2018 and Mexico since 2019, with an ambitious and experienced leadership team driving the development of the business, to grow our social impact and reach commercial viability. By the end of 2025 LegalSí aims to provide a market linkage to 300 million people looking for affordable legal services in spanish and 2 million independent lawyers across Latin America.
If you want to know more and join us on our way please get in touch.



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