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The first LATAM Legal smarketplace that applies AI to offfer:


Faster access to verified lawyers

Secure online payments


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Charge or pay legal services using LegalPEI

With LegalPEI you can charge and pay professional fees and other legal services without risk of chargebacks or breaches. LegalPEI is the true secure payment.

Client and lawyer agree fee

The client pays with LegalPEI

The lawyer does his job

The client approves the job

LegalPEI pays the lawyer

Thousands of payments are protected everyday by LegalPEI

LegalPEI is the safest way to collect and pay professional fees and other related legal costs. LegalPEI adds trust to transactions and takes care of the lawyer and client’s interests, safeguarding the funds transacted for the benefit of both parties.
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Debit and credit cards, bank transfers and cash.


With all credit cards.


Extrabank financing for the legal industry.


100% secured operations, for both lawyers and clients.